Match Reports

Schnitzel n Tits match reports

Hot Oktoberfest girls

99 Luftballoons the bulging bodices of our Flirty Frauleins! On grand final eve a capacity crowd gave their verdict on a new crew and the changing face of Schnitzel N Tits Continue reading

Hawaiian Burlesque

Sail away with Schnitzel N Tits

All new games at the Luau set the VIPs on a tropical ‘tough mudder’. Kahuna Daddies rocked out, putting their island lounge spin on audience requests. Hula honeys were HOT! This was a fun one.. Continue reading

Sexy cowgirl central

save a horse, ride a cowboy

All the hootin’ hollerin’ lassooing and leggy loveliness of our Wild West Party. Daring debut striptease and honkytonk’s wild out west! Continue reading

Burlesque Bucks Parties and Birthdays

Schnitz N Tits Airways

Hot hostesses and a veritable ballet of burlesque soothed this nervous flier. The turbulence on flight B00B1E5 added to the fun for bucks, birthday girls and workmates celebrating. Continue reading

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Friday Night Fun Bunnies

Floppy ears fuzzy tails & fishnets = Friday night fun!   I had a bastard of a week..But by the time I left my hot car in Lonsdale street on Friday night the sun was setting over Etihad stadium and … Continue reading

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Creep out! Our sexy Halloween party

 Scary Schnitz N Tits Sexy Halloween Party On an eerie Friday night in the bat infested Schnitz N Tits cave someone cut the lights… bloodcurdling screams, a horrifying video pastiche and the dawning of a huge haunted house backdrop kicked … Continue reading

Schnitzels & Oktoberfest Melbourne!

Steins und Schnitzel, Oktoberfest Melbourne Wunderbar! Mountain maidens resplendent in  ‘Dirndls’ (sexy national German dress) greeted us warmly as we entered the Bavarian beer hall for Oktoberfest Melbourne. The flirty Frauleins with their bulging bodices were a Wilkommen sight! Spring … Continue reading