Our Babelicious Topless Barmaids

topless barmaids
topless barmaids melbourne
Year after year Melbourne’s most confident and beautiful young women sign on as SnT’s Babelicious Topless Barmaids. We asked some of them why..

“The patrons are having such a good time that it’s infectious, I end up joining in.  The costumes are fun too” Amy, 19

“Even when I’ve had a crappy week dressing up for Schnitzel N Tits puts a smile on my face..for the next few hours I get to be outrageous” Samantha, 22″

To be honest I love the attention!..oh, and playing stage games with audience members” Eve, 21″

Why am I a Babelicious Topless Barmaid? (steps back and displays body) Are you blind?! ” Charlotte, 24.

At Schnitzel n Tits we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere in which babes and performers can laugh, tease, flaunt their femininity and interact with patrons at whatever level you, and they, find comfortable.

Whether they’re chatting with you, straddling the guest of honour for a bodyshot or just proudly presenting your booze in near naked splendour – we can see why 20 year old Lucy says

“Schnitzel n Tits is like getting paid to party”

Here are some of the tamer shots of girls who’ve graced our recent nights. Book now for the uncensored topless barmaids experience…


Our famous babelicious barmaids have seen and pleased them all!

Need a drink? Raise your hand and one of the barmaids will be over quick smart to top you up.

Like the look of their jugs? Ask them about our tempting selection of bargain beers in big boys jugs to quench your mighty thirst.

Mesmerised by the look of the breasts? The topless barmaids will be on hand to cover your chicken breast schnitzel with gravy. Your waitresses are also Performers ..the Babelicious Topless Barmaids specialise in the art of striptease revelling in their transformation to topless waitresses!

Hypnotised by our topless barmaids? Ask for a Body Shot – they’ll happy to oblige!

These babelicious topless barmaids are bootyful!!