Our Babelicious Topless Barmaids

Topless barmaids & waitresses Melbourne
Topless Barmaids – the key feature to what makes Schnitzel ‘n Tits so great.

Regular Schnitzel ‘n Tits beer and (chicken) breast lovers know just how babelicious our topless barmaids really are. They may also frequent other theatre restaurants, but we know that Schnitzel ‘n Tits is the best!

sexy topless barmaids in melbourne

Year after year Melbourne’s most confident and beautiful young women sign on with this bucks party great as SnT’s Babelicious Topless Barmaids in Melbourne.
We asked some of them why…

“The patrons are having such a good time that it’s infectious, I end up joining in.  The costumes are fun too” Amy, 19

“Even when I’ve had a crappy week, dressing up for Schnitzel N Tits puts a smile on my face..for the next few hours I get to be outrageous” Samantha, 22″

To be honest I love the attention!..oh, and playing stage games with audience members” Eve, 21″

Why am I a Babelicious Topless Barmaid? (steps back and displays body) Are you blind?! ” Charlotte, 24.

Quite simply, Schnitzel ‘n Tits is nothing but delicious fun – and if you’re looking for the topless waitresses Melbourne party-goers all clamour for, we’re definitely for you!

Not just a topless bar in Melbourne, not quite a theatre restaurant and much more than dinner and a show – that’s us right here at Schnitzel ‘n Tits. Rather, it’s the best, cheekiest, juiciest and Babelicious Melbourne night out imaginable.

It’s simply the cheekiest and most beautiful selection of talented and buxom babes to bring you your beers and tender, sweet (chicken) breasts. It’s a night of fun, booze, breasts and the topless barmaids Melbourne is guaranteed to never forget.

SnT’s Babelicious Topless Barmaids have cheeky, interactive fun. They put a drab week in the past with outrageous, infectious antics, and they soak up the drooling attention of Schnitzel N Tits as they chug beautiful beers and chomp juicy (chicken) breasts.

Their naughty smiles, gorgeous bodies, and outrageously entertaining burlesque shows and stage games create the raucous, wild, cheeky and inimitable atmosphere that Schnitzel N Tits is now famous for on a Friday night in Melbourne.

The SnT crew and its beautifully Babelicious Topless Barmaids don’t just flaunt as they thrill, spill and ‘work’ for their dough. They genuinely laugh and they have proper good times in the famous SnT atmosphere, where teasing, feminine flaunting and sheer sexy fun is had by all. It’s no surprise 20-year-old Lucy says …

“Schnitzel n Tits is like getting paid to party”

It’s definitely not all this tame among the sassiest, sexiest and most beautiful Babelicious Topless Barmaids at SnT, but here are some of the more subdued shots of the irresistible Schnitzel N Tits girls taken on recent nights.

For your own uncensored, babelicious topless barmaids extravaganza, book now!

Smart, slender, sassy, sexy and slippery, Schnitzel N Tits’ smoulderingly famous and Babelicious Topless Barmaids have seen, pleased and thrilled them all!

Beer glass empty? A smile and a simple raise of your hands are all it takes for a soft, sculpted and sultry SnT topless waitress to be at your service. A smile and a flirt later and this babelicious babe will be topping your drink right back up to the brim.

Bucks Party Topless Barmaids

Our lovely ladies are perfect company on a Friday bucks night. But do you wish our beautiful barmaids could come on a round of golf? Or Paintballing? No problem, our beauties also waitress for a range of Melbourne bucks part ideas thanks to the Big Boys Club.

Birthday Party Topless Waitresses

Got a birthday celebration coming up? Who would you want to bring out the birthday cake? Your nana, or one of our topless waitresses? Yeah, we thought so, book an adults only birthday party at Schnitzel n Tits, you can still bring your nana along!

Every SnT stunner has been hand-picked because they are the entertaining topless waitresses Melbourne revellers will absolutely love. Stunningly beautiful, cheeky and bright personalities and the most endearing charm imaginable, the Babelicious Topless Barmaids on offer at SnT are the ones everyone in Melbourne (and beyond) raves about.

Fancy being utterly hypnotised by SnT’s Babelicious Topless Barmaids? Take a look at the upcoming party themes and book early to avoid disappointment. You definitely won’t regret it!