Schnitzel Wars – Your Sexy Star Wars Theme Party

Join the force and conquer the dark side in one big intergalactic battle against good and evil every Friday during Schnitzel Wars in May. Whether it’s your birthday, bucks, hens or just a get together with mates, we have something for everyone! From our scantily clad princess leia’s serving you drinks, to our ever so talented Darth Vader showing you where the force really is! (see in Video Below) There are plenty of opportunities to get your guest of honour in on the action too, so buckle up as we kick this party into hyperspace mode!

Sexy Star Wars Waitresses:

The force: Slave Leia’s keep your appetite up and your thirst quenched with piping hot schnitzels and ice cold beer. Our beautiful topless waitresses are willing and ready to make sure you have a night worth remembering. They will entice you with their buxom bosom body shots, so don’t forget to ask for them on the night so you can get up close and personal with our leia’s.

Star Wars Burlesque Performers:

Yoda as you’ve never seen her before kicks off the night before Darth Vader (featured in Video) and her side kick storm trooper and get in and amongst the crowd turning patrons to the dark side. Purchase a golden ticket off one of the showgirls to see your friend get pulled in on stage or on to the table to get involved in their show. Good for a giggle and lasting memory “Remember that time at Schnitzel Wars in May when….”

Star Wars Theme Games:

Grab a light sabre, chuck on your Jedi Cape and join the Rebel Alliance training academy. Our guest of honours are on a race to save princess Leia from Jabba the Hut. A great opportunity to have a laugh at your friend as they get up on stage and get involved in the action. Who doesn’t love to see their mates embarrass themselves? Especially when it results in the removal of our slave Leia’s clothes…


Want to get involved? Why not embarrass your buck/hen/birthday boy/girl with some cheeky audience participation. Also email us with an embarrassing story or photo and we will get our fabulous MC to work it into our show.  Click for group discounts and if it’s your birthday, or you’re the buck or the hen you get in for free!

Action on the night:

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Or check out this awesome Video which may get you more excited…

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Schnitzel Wars in May – With the international “Star Wars Day” Being May the 4th we found it quite fitting to celebrate Star wars for the whole of May. We continue to work hard at achieving the right vibe to help all our group, adult birthdaybucks nightsHens or others to have an incredible time. And if you just can't get enough of Schnizel 'n Tits, remember to check back in for our Birthday Party in June!

More pics from past events:

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