Oktoberfest Girls Beers Schnitz n Tits

Beer steins, Babes bulging from tight bodices, what’s not to love about the European extravaganza of Oktoberfest?!

I took some mates out on a bucks night to see how the Schnitzel N Tits crew bring a taste of Bavaria to Oktoberfest Friday nights in Melbourne

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Pleased to report that Oktoberfest had the babes part sorted! The first thing to catch the eye was the 10 or so curvy young waitresses ( SnT call these girls Babelicious Barmaids ) sporting Heidi-like pigtails and packed into traditional Lederhosen. The flirty frauleins bustled between tables balancing Steins and jugs of European beer, laughing with male and female patrons.

Oktoberfest Tits Girls Beer Schnitz

When I saw a barmaid straddle a guest and dispense a shot of Schnapps from between her boobs I wondered how I might get in on this action! My own table’s buxom waitress told me I’d just seen a bodyshot. When Chloe offered ME this intimate experience for a tenner..well I didn’t want to die wondering. Having witnessed my intimate drink service 2 friends fumbled for their wallets. We agreed that bodyshots were money well spent!!

Oktoberfest tits body shots hot Schnitz

Having got outside most of a Schnitzel chips and gravy (generous serving..I couldn’t quite finish) I settled back to watch..But I wasn’t settled for long!

Schnitzel tits blonde schnitz Oktoberfest

Having laughed at the ‘spotlighting’ & roasting of guests celebrating birthdays and work dos I found MYSELF on stage – the boys had dobbed me in for audience game ‘Grab the Weiner’. Once again I got up close and personal with the barmaids – undressing Zara at speed for the final leg of the comp. I was been bested by Helen; celebrating her Hens party, in a photo finish. Helen got a Schnitz n Tits hoodie.. as runner up I was happy with my free lap dance at Men’s Gallery.

Oktoberfest tits lingerie games

The Burlesque performances were 3 very different showgirls, dark skinned slender newcomer Peyton and more muscular Mistress Frankie. Each had a loosely Oktoberfest themed routine which got wilder and more athletic as it went on. The showgirls got amongst the crowd and, once again, I was the butt of the boys’ jokes..literally, as Frankie whipped my bare backside with a belt;P

tits ass blonde brunette schnitzel Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfestivities were a night we’ll never forget – great fun & value from the gang at Schnitz n Tits, 5 stars!

Here is a bunch of photos form our last event for you to check out…

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