sail high seas with friends this april

Salty shipboard shenanigans in the midst of the CBD, Come and Sail the High Seas in April!

Ah ha me hearties!! Sail the High Seas this April and we’ll warm your cockles with our hot juicy crumbed schnitzels. Then, drown your weekly sorrows with rum, fun and naughty-cal games throughout the night! With sailors, pirates, ships and swashbucklers, take a ride on our ship and we'll show you the real treasure of the high seas.

Pirates Ahoy!

What happens at sea stays at sea when we Sail the High Seas in April. Come and get naughty-cal with us each and every Friday! Our swashbuckling waitresses are here to ensure you have the best night possible.

The Finest Ladies in the Navy

Enjoy dinner and a show with a fleet of the most gorgeous pirates and sailors around. With 3 shows throughout the night accompanied by our signature schnitzel, you're in for a night you'll never forget! Two of our fleet's finest ladies will be out in the crowd and, if you're lucky, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a golden ticket. With one of these, you can have yourself or one of your friends pulled on stage or on the table to get involved in the show!

Swashbuckling Adventures on the High Seas

Join in the fun and games, or we’ll make you walk the plank! There's plenty of opportunity for fun throughout the night, with plenty of games to play with the girls. Sit back and enjoy the boat ride, or climb the rigging and get on deck for some fun and games throughout the night. One thing's for sure, it'll be a night to remember.

Join in the Fun for Free

Want to get involved? Click for group discounts and if it’s your birthday, or you’re the buck or the hen you get in for free!

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Sail The High Seas in April – we look at a another classic from a similar era to the burlesque era we enjoy. We look at traveling sailor men and the iconic tattoos to remember their girls back home.

As we embrace this theme we focus in giving all our guests the best experience possible. whether it’s a Bucks, Hens or Birthday you’ll love the Sail the High Seas theme. Can't get enough of us? Come back in May for our iconic Star Wars Party!

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