Adult Birthday Party Ideas

birthday party ideas for adults

Do you feel that birthdays are becoming the same year in year out? Do you always go for dinner and drinks and that’s where it stops? Looking for new Adult Birthday Party Ideas?

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

adult birthday party ideas

Well, Schnitzel n Tits is one of the best adult birthday party ideas going around. You don’t just get dinner and drinks, but you get an action-packed night of cheeky entertainment and hilarious party games for adults with so much more!

Whether it’s your birthday or one of your nearest and dearest we’ll strive to make it a night to remember in many years to come. We have several different options to suit your needs and budget to make sure you and your mates get the birthday party they desperately want!

adult birthday party ideas schnitz n tits

Friday night Adult Birthday Party Ideas and Fun at Schnitzel n Tits

So what’s the cost and whats included in the night?

  • If it’s your birthday you get a free ticket
  • The rest of the group get a $10 discount per head
  • Different themes each month
  • Your dinner, a chicken schnitzel, chips, and side salad (gravy optional) eggplant schnitzel for vegetarians (can cater for all dietary requirements)
  • Full table service from our Babelicious Barmaids
  • Burlesque/Strip tease performances
  • We run stage games with members of the audience that result in the barmaid clothes coming off
  • An MC for the night that interacts with the audience and gets everyone excited for various events throughout the night
  • A DJ spinning latest hits and floor fillers

Now lets break the night down and go into our birthday ideas for adults it a little bit more!

Free ticket! Yes it’s your birthday, why should you have to pay! Or if you’re organising it for a friend we’ll let you take the credit and say you paid for it so you look like an extra nice mate for treating the birthday boy or girl.

Discount for the group! Tell your mates to call you the negotiator from now on as you’ve just saved them $10 each on tickets.

Different themes each month! Yep we have a different theme each month. So if it’s your mate’s birthday the following month feel free to come again knowing that the night would have changes to the last. Melbourne birthday party ideas never stop!

The Schnitzels! The best birthday party food ideas for adults are usually crumbed, juicy and made of chicken. Yes we have the best breasts in Melbourne (pun intended 😉 )

Our barmaids! They’re fun, flirty and will make sure you’re fully hydrated throughout the night. Not only will they go to the bar for you, they will make sure you and your group are well looked after. Be sure to purchase some body shots for your guest of honour – a highly popular and famous past time of Schnitzel N Tits!

Burlesque strip tease performances! We kick start the night off with a variety/burlesque style act to wet your whistle while you eat your schnitzels. Shortly followed by 2 striptease performances by some of Melbourne’s best showgirls. Our showgirls will dance in and amongst the crowd, on stage and on your table. There are opportunity’s to purchase tickets off performers in which you get to include a member of your group in their show. With a prop bag full of tricks and a cheeky smile be sure to be in stitches and have a right good laugh at your mate when they’re dragged up on stage.

Party games! Popular when you were a kid, and still popular now. Our birthday party games for adults are the best and naturally have a cheeky Schnitzel n Tits twist to them. By getting members of the audience up on stage we get you to compete against other guest of honours in the room using skill, stamina and shamelessness. Our barmaids are on hand to help or distract you from your task which ends up with our barmaids slowly revealing to become topless.

Our Master of Ceremonies keeps you up to date with the nights proceedings and formalities. Be sure to point out anyone on your table.

Here are 3 adult birthday party ideas that will go off with an absolute bang!

1. Friday night Birthday party ideas for adults at Schnitzel n Tits

birthday party food ideas for adults

Our Regular Friday Night theatre restaurant is probably the most popular and most talked about the birthday event. Suitable for both guys and girls it’s a fun friendly and cheeky atmosphere that will have you talking about the event in years to come.


2. Any night of the week Private Birthday party ideas for adults

birthday party games for adults

Our private events always go off with a bang and are ideal for groups that want more of an intimate VIP experience to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. With transport and beer and entertainment included in the package this is all inclusive so all you need to do is turn up on the night and enjoy the party.

3. Saturday night Birthday party ideas for adults at Burgers n Babes

Melbourne birthday party ideas

If its a Saturday night you’re looking for or a more blokey type adult birthday event then Burgers n Babes is the way to go. The stage games on stage are more sport/drink related and the humour on the night from our hilarious MC is a bit more blokey. You also swap the schnitty for a burger at Burgers n Babes.