Burlesque Bucks Parties and Birthdays

Schnitz N Tits Airways – Burlesque Bucks parties and Birthdays

Call me superstitious but I was nervous about flying on Friday the 13th.  Hot hostesses strapped me in and settled my jitters and Schnitz N Tits Airways flight B00B1E5 took to the skies without incident. It was only after cabin meal service of breast schnitzel that the turbulence began..
Schnitz n Tits is fast becoming THE place to host your bucks parties and for birthday party ideas with a difference. Our captain Jason began the in-flight entertainment by introducing passengers to some of the bucks and birthday boys on the flight in his own ‘rough around the edges’ style. Buck ‘Tasty’, soon to be married to Jalna (yep, like the yoghurt) was put through his paces first. It seems that the cockier the party star is when they take the stage the more sheepishly they sit down. Tasty, in fancy dress as Scarface, was plenty cocky but Jason is quick with a comeback and doesn’t like to be upstaged.  He has the microphone and he’s not afraid to use it! If you want your birthday girl blushing or your buck stammering we have just the man for the job!
The banter led into some fierce competition between the bucks and birthday boys and girls. In the final the top 3 contenders were teamed with hot hostesses for beer sculling, balloon popping and high speed undressing.  Nick was in such a hurry to peel his flirty flight attendant’s dress her panties came with it! The babe in question took it in her stride – whipping them back up and laughing it off (as the boys mentally filed the moment).  Despite overzealousness in the undressing phase crowd favourite Nick took the crown and the Schnitz N Tits hoodie. Runner up ‘Tasty’ scored a Schnitz N Tits tee.
Cruising at a steady altitude we were ready for the main attraction..live Burlesque Babes! Miss Dreamgirl Hunter looks set to hold onto this title. Her flamboyant floorshow is a winner. Hunter was a symphony of colour – pink hair, Cleopatra costume & a sparkling silver bodice for her Nefertitis! When she freed up her bosoms Matt from the horseracing syndicate for Brazen Beau had the first close examination. Matt just seemed to want to settle in there but eventually Hunter checked her watch and saw she had other patrons to entertain..       A finale involving Adrian, whose workmates were giving him a sendoff, removing Hunter’s panties from behind a semi transparent skirt had us craning our necks and straining our eyes.  Hunter is one of Burlesque’s best!
Another purveyor of Burlesque brilliance is Schnitz N Tits wildchild Felicity Banks. Tonight she had gold braid swinging from the briefest of captain’s uniforms and teamed it with some non-regulation thigh high leather boots. To the jungle drums and driving guitar of ‘Down with the Sickness’ she once again blew our hair back.  Banks’ Burlesque ballet was so eventful that vigilant Babelicious Barmaid Riley was urging distracted punters not to miss a moment . Atomic Wedgies, Bondage, a spectacular spongebath finale – Felicity was on fire!


Burlesque breast connoisseur Matt and the other the owners of 3 yr old colt Brazen Beau. They settled their nerves on our flight then backed up with sore heads to see their horse beat an international field in the $1 million Newmarket Stakes the following day. Winners drink at Schnitz n Tits!
Felicity – enjoying a Burlesque Birthday with her Wolfpack .. Gave as good as she got when singled out by the MC! We enjoyed seeing her in girl on girl bodyshot action and spotting Scarlett Johansson’s sisters to win a Big Boys drink card in ‘Whose Boobs’.
Adrian who showed up with a smile for a work sendoff after he was given the arse from his car dealership. His colleagues showed their love and he called his boss a c-bomb

Join us next month for the slippery nipples of Jellywrestlemania!