Schnitzel Match Report – Goodbye Summer Of Lovin’

Friday nights in Melbourne have been going off! The last few weeks we’ve been celebrating the ‘Summer Of Love’, and we’ve had many couples come along for their special “date night”.

Just for the record, the “lovely” people at The Age, wrote an article about us (Which you can read here) and I think it’s fair to say, we proved them very wrong!
Anyway, with February done and dusted, we’ve moved into March, and we’ve kick started the month with a BANG at our ‘March Madness’ show! But first let’s look back and reflect on what happened through the very awesome month of February. We had a bunch of different performers over the month who’ve been putting on some of the best performances we’ve ever had! Surprisingly though, the performances seem to be getting better and better!
We’ve had plenty of giveaways and audience participation that have had everyone leaving with massive smiles on their faces. The month of February also saw the most amount of female customers come through the door then ever before. We’ve had hens nights, girls birthdays, engagements and simple, “girls nights out”, so if you’re a female and curious about what happens at the iconic Schnitz n Tits on Friday nights, don’t be shy, come along, you’ll be welcomed with open arms!

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