6 Cool HUCKS Party Ideas (For A Combined Hens & Bucks)

Hucks party Combined Hens and Bucks Party Ideas

The boys love their blokey bucks night packages with Topless Barmaids. And the girls always look forward to a rip-roaring hens party so the bride can let down her hair one last time before the big day. But do you know what? Some savvy couples are ditching that idea altogether and going uber-progressive by sending out the invitations for a ‘hucks night’.

The perfect Hucks Night…

Hens and bucks join forces!

You heard that right – all around Melbourne and beyond, savvy couples, best men and maids of honour are busily brainstorming hucks party ideas to make their forthcoming combined hens and bucks night an absolute guys n girls smash to remember.

As we race into 2019, it’s the uber-progressive and inclusive idea that is bringing bucks and hens together. And here at Schnitzel N Tits, we’re absolutely on board!

So to ensure your forthcoming bucks and hens night is a party to never forget, we’ve put together some of the best-combined hens and bucks night ideas you’ll ever come across.

Need great hucks party ideas? Let’s get started:

1. Why? Simplify!

Firstly, you may still need convincing that a hucks night is all it’s cracked up to be. Well, consider this: a brilliantly planned hens and bucks night can replace not only the separate hens and bucks parties but also the bridal shower – in a super-fun, gender-neutral parcel that saves time and money!

2. Invite everyone!

Weddings, but also hens and bucks nights, can get awfully political when it comes to putting together the invite list. But with an all-in, well planned and executed hucks night, you can go NUTS – Jill and Matt may definitely not be invited to your big day, but they’ll love a cool night out with the hucks!

3. Raise some cash!

Did you know the average Aussie wedding costs $50,000 and up? Gulp. 50 thousand smackers! But here’s a bright idea: because your combined hens and bucks night can be an all-in fiesta, you can save money for other wedding costs or throw an even bigger hucks night!

4. But don’t go crazy

Even though your hucks night can be something to remember forever, that doesn’t mean it needs to cost the earth. Yes, it’ll normally be the buck and hen who foot the bill, but you’ll be amazed what sort of bang for your buck (pun intended) you can find. Such as…

5. Booties, beers, burgers & babes!

For instance, how does a Friday or Saturday night with booties, boobies, beers, burgers and juicy schnitzels sound? It’s hard to imagine more fun than laid-back Burlesque show, flowing amber liquid, games, and shows and beautiful babes with not very much on! The gals will love it just as much as the dudes.

6. Bucks vs Hens

If you want something a little more competitive, how about pitting the dames against the blokes? The options are endless: a paintball war of the sexes, girls versus dudes at the local lawn bowls or even some adult party games. Find out if the girls really can beat the boys with one of the most competitive hucks party ideas you’ll come across.

Heard enough? Convinced that a combined ‘hucks night’ will float both the boys and the girls’ pre-nuptial boats? Here at Schnitzel N Tits, we think the best-combined hens and bucks night ideas are a theatre restaurant dinner and Burlesque show complete with fun friendly topless barmaids. And do you know what? We have it all and MORE right here! Get in touch to make it a Melbourne hucks night to never forget.

Ready to start planning your Hucks Night?