8 Adult Birthday Party Games To Liven Up A Party

adult birthday party games

So it’s your birthday and you have a leave pass for a wild night with the lads and lasses. It’s time to make a priority list: beer, schnitzel, boobs, babes … is there anything you’ve missed? How about a list of the most crowd-pleasing, irreverent and naughty adult birthday games on the planet?

We’re more than happy to oblige.

adult birthday party games group

Just like you, we’re determined that your birthday shouldn’t just be another boring date in the diary, or a get-together to discuss the stock market. But we’re not just talking about birthday party games for adults that cause a few giggles – we’re into tipping the balance from nice to naughty, comfortable to awkward, smiling faces to red cheeks, and mildly fun to seriously flirty.

Let’s get straight into it. Below are 8 of the best adult birthday party games to liven up a party!

1. Tell a lie

adult birthday party games tell a lie

Birthday games for adults work best if everyone knows everyone else at least a little, so this is a good icebreaker.

When it’s your turn, you have to say three things: two facts about yourself that are true, and one porkie. The others vote on which of the three they think is the lie, and if they get it right, you need to skull a drink of the group’s choice. If they get it wrong, the entire group finishes their own drinks in one hit.

2. F*** scrabble

adult birthday party games scrabble

Love scrabble? We say f*** scrabble!

The normal version may allow any word at all in the English language to be played, but our version only permits words that the group all agree are either rude, sexy or dirty. And if your word is challenged, simply insert it in a sentence that is downright disgusting, and your opponents may decide to allow it.

3. Darts for losers

adult birthday party games Darts for losers

We’ve designed this game for darts, but it will also work brilliantly with snooker, Xbox, table tennis, or anything else you may be playing that has a clear loser each round.

Every time a loser is declared, they have to dive into the ‘bowl of losers’ – which is a bowl filled with pieces of paper. On each piece of paper is a cheeky truth or dare instruction that they have to complete. It could be a truth tale – like a hilarious, ridiculous or embarrassing sex story. Or it could be a dare – like a command to take off your pants or put a handful of ice-cubes in your undies.

4. Feel up your mate

adult birthday party games Feel up your mate

Before we get into this one, let’s be clear: all participants need to be willing. Because a little risque touching may be involved…

How well do you know your mates? You’ll soon find out because a blindfold is involved. And the only way to guess the identity of the mystery person is to feel their face and body with your hands. The loser either takes a ‘loser instruction’ from #3 above or skulls a full glass of his favourite drink.

5. Foul Pictionary

adult birthday party games Foul Pictionary

Remember Pictionary? If you don’t, it’s pretty simple: you secretly read a word, and then you zip your lip and the other players try to guess what it is as you draw a ridiculously bad picture.

Well, this is how Foul Pictionary works: get out your smartphone and google ‘The rudest words in English’. Pick a particularly vulgar word or short phrase, or another personal favourite, and get to work with that pencil. Hilarity ensues as the guessing begins…

6. Anatomical sculpture

adult birthday party games Anatomical sculpture

We know you absolutely love the works of Michaelangelo – particularly his Renaissance masterpiece called David. And we all know what we remember the most about David…

So to honour David, each player will need a sizeable chunk of clay or plasticine in order to craft the most lifelike set of adult genitals their skilled hands can manage. Either gender is acceptable, and the object of the game is to avoid being the unanimous loser – who needs to return to #3 and draw from the ‘loser bowl’.

7. Spin the bottle

adult birthday party games spin the bottle

Spin the bottle may not seem like the most daring of the adult birthday party games we’ve listed here, but that’s because it isn’t our alcoholic version.

Instead of spinning that bottle to someone you need to peck on the cheek, this bottle is spun in the centre of a circle of shots, glasses of wine and stubbies of beer. When it’s your turn, spin the bottle and slam down what it demands.

8. Who’s most likely?

adult birthday party games Who's most likely

Of all the birthday party games for adults, this is one that absolutely guarantees that combination of side-splitting laughs and very red faces.

Come up with a list of naughty ‘Who’s most likely?’ questions. Here are some examples: ‘Who’s most likely to have masturbated today?’ ‘Who’s most likely to fart in the bath?’ ‘Who’s most likely to pierce their genitals?’ And it’s not too hard to google plenty of others.

We hope you’ve got some inspiration from our list of adult birthday party games. But are you ready to take it all a step further? We take adult birthday parties in Melbourne to the next level, you’ll be more than set for a wild night, guaranteed.