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It is believed that bucks party ideas date all the way back to 500 years before the birth of Christ, where battle-weary soldiers would excitedly toast the ‘buck’ on the eve of his wedding night. It is rumoured that hilarious, alcohol-fuelled tales from behind the scenes of recent battles would be told, and uproarious revelry (read: bucks party games) would take place away from the nagging eyes of the women.

Not much has changed.

But what has changed is the seriousness with which we contemplate, organise and carry out this fine pre-nuptial tradition.

In 2019, the groom-to-be and his mischievous fellow bucks will hit the town and engage all sorts of harmless, naughty, funny and downright scandalous mischief.

And with 1000’s of Melbourne bucks nights under our belt, we’re here to help you make it a night to remember forever! Hop step by step through our tried-and-tested method for organising a winning bucks party, from party planning basics to bucks party games and a bunch of bucks party ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet.

The ultimate guide to only the best bucks party ideas

1. The numbers

Don’t skip this useful tip: keep the numbers limited.

While you might be tempted to invite anyone who has ever met the soon-to-be ex-bachelor, cap that bucks night at around 20 guests. Yes, you’re all out to have a great time, but groups of more than 20 men can be difficult to herd in the same direction!

2. The timing

Planning to get the groom smashed on the night before the wedding? Bad, bad bucks party idea. You might think it’s funny, but a hangover isn’t a good look on the bride’s beautiful dress.

So lets make it clear. The best bucks party ideas known to man take place at LEAST a week before the big day.

3. The location

Luckily, this is Australia – the home of the bucks party. And even luckier is that Melbourne bucks nights are THE place to be, whether you need a brilliant place to eat at 2 am or somewhere to dance until the sun comes up.

The actual location depends on whether you want topless waitresses, booze or bars, or (better still) all three!

4. The Bucks Party Theme

Think party themes are for kids? Don’t limit yourself when you can have sexy star wars babes at your bucks night. Or how about a Bavarian bucks experience celebrating at Octoberfest in Melbourne!

Costume themes can be fun too – dress everyone as the Blues brothers, super heroes, smurfs “Where’s Wally”. You can even print on your own bucks party t-shirts.

5. The bucks night games

A bucks night isn’t a bucks night without the best bucks party games. And the very best bucks party ideas are the ones where no one gets (seriously) hurt, the groom has an extremely red face, and your mate who hardly cracks a smile is left in stitches.

And OH BOY do we have some guaranteed killer bucks party games ideas for you!

Free bum bag stuff

These sorts of ‘challenge’ bucks party games are always winners because the idea is that the groom-to-be’s embarrassment is what makes it so damn funny.

Give him a ‘bum bag’ that is full of hilarious items. Some are inoffensive, like chocolates and lollipops, and others are a little edgier, like condoms and miniature willy toys. The idea is that the chief ‘buck’ needs to give all the items away to women in the venue, whilst pretending that he is sincere.

Vodka bounce

Some of the best ideas for bucks party games sound silly, but in practice they’re actually SO much fun. This is one of them.

You’ll need 10-15 paper cups, and a small bouncy ‘super ball’. Completely fill half the paper cups with water, and double shot the other half with neat vodka. Stand back 2 metres, before all the blokes take it in turns to bounce the ball into a paper cup. Whichever one it lands in … SKULL!!

Down, Mr. President

Vodka bounce may be silly, but some bucks night games are almost ridiculous. And that’s what makes them so freaking hilarious.

Throughout the night, whenever one of the bucks raises his index finger to his ear like a Secret Service agent receiving a crucial message, whoever spots it must scream “Down, Mr. President!” and leap on the groom-to-be as though the nuclear codes are being compromised. So silly, but so super funny.

6. The daytime bucks party games

Beer, burlesque and boobs – sounds like an unmissable bucks party, right? Just don’t forget that before the sun goes down and you hit the town, you can get the bucks’ engines started with some daytime activities.

We recommend anything that gets the adrenaline pumping, like surfing, skydiving or go-karting. If a little tamer is your game, try golf, fishing or mountain biking.

7. ‘Outside the box’ bucks night games

So we’ve covered the silly games, the drinking games, and the daytime adrenaline. Now consider for a moment that a bucks party to remember will always involve some ‘outside the box’ thinking.

How about taking the party (before they’re all drunk) to a local conservation reserve for some orienteering? Why not combine fun with strategy and go and do some paintballing?

Why wouldn’t you consider ripping up the stereotype and booking you blokes into a cooking class? Or conquer the groom-to-be’s life-long fear and set off for an epic tree-top climb or bungee jump?

8. Be sensible

If you thought this guide would be all bucks party games and no common sense, think again. Why? Because it won’t be a bucks night to remember if something goes seriously wrong and someone gets hurt.

So listen to your Mum when she says not to drink on an empty stomach. Also, keep hydrated (with water, I said WATER!) throughout the night, and if some seriously audacious games and pranks are going to be played, keep it safe and never forget that once you have a few beers in your belly, your judgement is seriously impaired. A great idea is to nominate the geek of the group as the Bucks Party Games Supervisor, tasked with keeping everyone alive!

Phew! That’s one heck of a start to your forthcoming bucks night adventure. And if you’re looking for a perfect blokey nightspot to complement all the fun and games, hit up the guys at Schnitzel N Tits, where buck party ideas are done to perfection combined with beer, boobs, babes, burlesque shows and juicy chicken schnitzels.


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