Planning A Birthday Party Checklist For Adults [Infographic]

birthday party checklist for adults

The Ultimate Adult Birthday Party Checklist

Are you planning an adult birthday party? Maybe it’s a 21st, 30th birthday or 40th birthday? Awesome, it’s time to celebrate! But wait, invite lists, venues, entertainment, transport, accommodation…it’s hard to think of everything yourself, let alone find the time. If you’re not planning a birthday, but you’re planning a Rocking Bucks Night? then check out Burgers n Babes.

To make sure you get the party planning details right, we’ve put together a handy birthday party checklist for adults. Check it out, plan ahead and have a fantastic night!

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The Ultimate Adult Party Checklist

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Birthday Party Checklist Infographic Transcription:

Planning an awesome night out for an adult birthday party can be exciting. Remember whether you are planing a birthday party for yourself, a significant other, a family member or a close friend it is important to get the details right. Below is a handy birthday party checklist for adults to make sure that you have all of the bases covered and everyone has a fantastic night.

Back to basics

First things first. Letís figure out the basic info for planning a birthday party. The when, the where, the who. You will be able to use this information when booking a venue. This will also be used for the birthday party invitations.

Who is the party for?
When will it be?
What time will it be?
Where will it be?
Number of guests?

Pick your guests

Now that youíve picked your venue, next on the birthday party checklist for adults itís time to think about who you would like to invite. This will give you a more accurate total number of guests for the question above.


Make Some Invites

With your guest list sorted, you can now start making the invitations to your party. These can be printed invitation that are mailed to your guests or digital invites that will be distributed via email or social media.

The Fine Details

They say the devil is in the detail. Working out all of the fine details in advance can be the difference between planning an adult birthday party to remember and an absolute fizzer. Below are some of the fine details that you need to consider so everyone (including yourself) can focus on having an awesome time.

The Venues

You might decide to hold your party over more than one venue. For example, you might have dinner at a theatre restaurant then head out to a bar or club. Itís always a good idea to make a booking where possible to avoid disappointment on the night.


This is an aspect that is often forgotten about. How will you and your guests get to your venue? At the end of your night, how will you get home/to your accommodation?


If you plan on partying in a venue that is far from home, it might be best to consider getting accommodation for the night. In many cases it can work out cheaper than transport and allows you and your guests to party for longer! If you make a group booking for you and your guests, you will also often receive a cheap price per room.

The Birthday Checklist For Adults

No two birthday parties will ever be the same. As such there will always be other things to consider when planning your big night. However, this adult birthday planning checklist will help guide you to planning the perfect night.