Sexy Star Wars at Schnitzel Wars

Schnitzel Wars – Uber Sexy Star Wars!

The force was stirring and the upper orbit of Colonial Hotel was transformed for our latest sexy star wars tribute. Babelicious Barmaids glided beneath storm trooper and Yoda cutouts, legs flashing from beneath their hooded Jedi robes. There’s something about sexy star wars girls that strikes a chord with all guys and girls of a certain generation. The stage was set with a view of warp speed space. DJ Malpractice – in drag as Princess Leia – pumped the beats as our Schnitzels arrived. Schnitzel Wars Episode VI: The Funbags Awaken, was underway…

Sexy costumes bring female star wars characters to life in our very own Melbourne star wars burlesque party every Friday in May. Book now to see our sexy star wars babes in action!

VIP bucks and birthday boys Hayden Cameron Mark Evan Sam and Barry were introduced and roasted in MC Evo rough and ready style. The first rounds of stage games saw beers belted and Jedi Babes disrobed at warp speed.  Ferntree Gully birthday boy Hayden and rockabilly hairdo buck Barry won their respective rounds – facing off in a boat race final. Hayden necked the quickest beer I’ve seen but was defeated by an obstinate bra clasp. He was still fumbling to liberate the barmaid’s breasts as Big haired Buck Barry freed the funbags, winning a Men’s Room haircut. They’ll need all their expertise for his elaborate do!
Bucks party are getting increasingly progressive – Barry had female friends in attendance. Barry’s friend Adele won audience game ‘whose boobs’ – spotting Anne Hathaways puppies to win 2 tickets to Big Boys Burgers n Babes. Prizes flowed like the force at Schnitzel Wars!
In the Star Wars themed Burlesque stakes both Isabelle Deltore and Felicity Banks brought their A games.  Deltore strutted on to The March of the Storm Troopers in an oversize Storm Trooper helmet and white plasticized form-fitting body armour. She removed this disguise with distinctive Deltore flair and set about molesting the audience.  Issy is a menace. No sooner had she set fire to Ranga Campbell’s most intimate areas than she Issy was nipple waxing a guy from Table 1. She duct taped Barry’s best man, tormented Buck Sam with candle wax and brought Hayden on stage to observe her  handstand from between her legs.
Felicity Banks reprised her award winning Darth Vader show. complete with helmet, circuit boards, light saber and black vinyl cape. She undressed with elan and was soon flicking her lustrous mane, flashing that million dollar smile and flexing like a chinese contortionist. Felicity’s table work is always a highlight. The boys from Sam’s bucks pounded the table in delight as she unveiled her moons of Endor. Hayden doused her in beer and she turned table 3 into a slip n slide in her competition for the queen of our sexy star wars tribute event.


April – quiz contestant who kept smiling throughout Jason’s extended tribute to her rack..and walked away with a Schnitz N Tits hoodie for her trouble
Partyboy Campbell from Sam’s bucks – seemed to love the spotlight as much as the strippers who singled him out
Bryce from Table 5 – won a ticket in our caption comp and got more than he bargained for when Felicity subjected him to some strenuous onstage BDSM including whipping and ripping: a bum belting an undie tearing atomic wedgie which made the crowd go crazy. Check out the rest of our Sexy Star Wars gallery here.