Imogen - Schnitzel n Tits Melbourne

Imogen the Fierce, fun and wildly entertaining Performer that everyone at Schnitzel and Tits and the Bucks Party Games Venue Burgers n Babes loves!  This brown haired, dark eyed beauty really knows how to take control; she’ll make sure you and your mates know who’s boss. She is truly the best of Melbourne’s Bucks Party Strippers.

imogen melbourne boys night

Once taking the stage, this mysterious beauty commands attention with her strong, sexy presence.  Try if you can to keep your eyes off her  fit, tight bootay as she sashays around the room!  What is it exactly that is so captivating about Imogen?  Is it her  toned stomach and amazing breasts, or the way she presents them in those skimpy costumes?  You decide for yourself.

With a repertoire of naughty and tantalising tricks, she really knows how to give the special treatment to the select few.   If you’re one of them – you’re in for a treat!  But be warned, she won’t take it easy on you.

During August we Celebrate Luau a hawaiian themed Tiki Party. Imogen really Shook things up as a cute little Hula Girl.

Imogen as Maverick for our Mega Babes Event was the Top Gun performance and took it to the danger zone every Friday in September.

Come and see our stunning Imogen on Fridays at Schnitzel and Tits.   Fill out this form to book now. You can also catch her at Burgers n Babes on the Saturdays. You don’t have to have an excuse to go to one of these events however Burgers n Babes is great for Bucks Nights and Schnitzel n Tits is perfect for Birthday Parties.

And here is Imogen’s – Predator Strip show which won her miss nude Victoria.