Friday Night Frights in November

friday night frights in november

Join Schnitzel n Tits for Friday night Frights in November!

Friday Night Frights in November is a horror themed month for hair raising and nipple stiffening fun!


The Babelicious Barmaids serving in full makeup and hot costume as sexy blood spattered zombie nurses, have a hungry gleam in their eyes.


Halloween horseplay from our saucy showgirls, are you game for the Friday Night Fright of your lives?! Purchase a golden ticket off one of the performers to see your friend participate in their show. Good for a giggle and lasting memory “Remember that time at Friday Night Frights in November when….”


Is it your mates birthday, bucks or hens? Want to get them on stage and up in the action? Then let us know and we’ll make it happen for you.


Want to get involved? Click for group discounts and if it’s your birthday, or you’re the buck or the hen you get in for free!


Action on the night:

Like the teaser vid? Then click to book in for Friday Night Frights in November so you can experience it live!


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Friday Night Frights in November is our spin on Halloween and Day of the Dead type events. We continue to work hard at achieving the right vibe to help all our group, Birthday, Bucks, Hens or Other to have an incredible time.