Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestlers

Fancy the idea of gorgeous, scantily clad girls rolling and writhing in a kiddie pool full of jelly? How about seeing their already minimal coverings wrenched off in crazy catfights? Can we interest you in towelling the Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestlers down after each bout?

Perennial favourite Jellywrestlemania enters another year at Schnitzel n Tits. We began with 3 rounds on one big night for Bucks Party Games. We now stage 12 rounds occasionally on a Friday during the Year to satisfy Melbourne’s lust for this lovechild of sport and adult entertainment. That’s 36 ball tearing (or rather, boobtearing) bouts in which beauty meets the beast within. Our experience in hosting Jelly Wrestling has not made us cocky.. We never really know what will happen once that bell goes. In a phenomenon we’ve come to call Ring Rage girls sometimes bring old scores and outside issues to the kiddie pool with explosive results.

When  Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestlers perform at Schnitzel n Tits the floor shakes and throats get sore as the crowd show their appreciation. When these girls are getting it on you do not want to miss the action! Girl + Girl + Jelly = Sexy Slippery Spectacular!

This can and does happen at Schnitzel ‘N Tits… are you ready to see Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestlers RRRUMBLE?!

Imagine Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestlers at your next celebration!

When we bring our Jelly Wrestling spectacular to your bucks party, birthday, work do or mates celebration there’s a special twist.. You’ll be invited to tag in the guest of honour or get amongst it yourself. This is an experience to tell the grandkids!!

This post is quite old now but does make some great points. However things have gone bigger and better with our Jelly wrestling production. We are really next level now and love to entertain with all our themed events Jellywrestlemaina included.