Jelly Wrestling Girls

jelly wrestling girls

Jelly Wrestling girls with ‘Ring Rage’ @ Jelly Wrestlemania 5!


As we gear up for Jelly Wrestlemania 5 we’re setting some ground rules, getting extra insurance, laying in first aid supplies and negotiating hazard pay. Bitter experience has taught us that  when jelly wrestling girls hear the bell a primal energy is unleashed and unresolved issues may surface..

Through the years we’ve seen some epic grudge matches.  We’ve seen good vs evil, youth vs experience, brute force vs tactics, blonde vs brunette, big boobs vs small boobs… Jelly Wrestling girls with a score to settle bring new meaning to the term ‘catfight’!

Whatever the beef they’ll thrash it out while you feast on schnitzel, sink beers and get behind your favourite Jellywrestling girls!

In the wake of last year’s carnage we suspended Miss America, Alex ‘The Kid’ and Ms. Dirty Sanchez from competition. Through numerous appeals to the IJF these 3 frankly dangerous jelly wrestling girls managed to overturn their supensions in time to qualify for a shot at the 2015 Big Boys Club Belt. We can only hope for the best..

Jelly Wrestlemania 5 – unscripted, uncensored, unstoppable!

Melbourne’s media have been to known to stir up their own ‘ring rage’.  Last year some women’s groups and the Herald Sun  had a crack at our  Jelly Wrestling Girls. Click this coloured text that comes next for this and more Schnitzel N Tits media controversy along with our right of reply.

No picture can completely tell this story. You’ve never seen anything like live Jelly Wrestling Girls grappling for the Big Boys Belt at Schnitzel n Tits!