A Friday Night to Remember

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It has been a rough year already, so there is nothing like winding down on a Friday night with mouth-watering food and few beers served by a gorgeous topless waitress in Melbourne. Schnitzel N Tits has perfected the art of providing the ultimate night out to celebrate the weekend and leave the rest of your troubles of the week behind. At Schnitzel N Tits Friday night events, you will be able to experience dinner and a show. With a new theme every month, the doors open at 7pm with three burlesque shows throughout the night, with full table service and a menu filled with mouth-watering schnitzels that will satisfy everybody, even the vegetarian of the group! Along with shows throughout the night, your table will be served by a beautiful topless waitress of Melbourne. Ensuring that a good night is had by all, there are plenty of games and interactions throughout the night so even if you have arranged a group to come along that may not know each other that well, by the end of the night everybody will be having comfortable and having a good time. Whether you are just organising a get together with the fellas, a birthday party, a bucks night or even a work gathering, you will be in for a night that nobody will forget in a hurry.

Bucks Night Entertainment

Chances are that if you have been given the honour of being the best man, you have also been delegated the sacred best man duty of organising the bucks night for the groom. Now there is a certain expectation when it comes to organising a bucks night and the last thing you want to do is not live up to it. With every bucks night there comes a certain framework to build upon; you want to organise a bucks night that breaks the ice between people who may not know each other well and gets everybody relaxed and having. You cannot forget though the other expectations that coming with organising a bucks night; normally there is fun activities, a good meal is generally had, the alcohol is typically flowing and of course, it almost a requirement to have beautiful women. If you are looking a venue that offers all of these things, served by a beautiful topless waitress in Melbourne, then Schnitzel N Tits is not just a safe bet- it is a bet that will pay back ten times what you expect it too. Whether you want to make a group booking to one of our events or organise a private show, we can ensure that your groom will have a bucks night he will not forget- no matter how alcohol he consumes. While our Friday night events are suitable for bucks nights groups, our private bookings showcase the best of what Schnitzel N Tits has to offer, keeping it exclusive to your group. With a bus to pick you up from an inner city location, an hour of a themed waitress and then two hours of the sexiest topless waitresses, one steamy strip show, a bar tab for three hours, a hearty meal of schnitzel, chips and salad served by a famously gorgeous topless waitress of Melbourne, fun and sexy parlour games and then a bus to take you to a strip show afterwards- our private parties are sure to be hit for any bucks night. 

Not Just for the Boys

Many strip clubs have long been a place that is attended mostly by men, but the tides are starting to change. While frequenting bars that have a sexy topless waitress in Melbourne is often a past time that is done by the boys, these days it is not a rarity to see the ladies have been getting into the fun too. When it comes to Friday night fun, Schnitzel N Tits puts on a show that everybody can enjoy. While having a topless waitress in a Melbourne bar seems like a real bloke orientated event, many ladies have found themselves having a fun night out at Schnitzel N Tits. Everybody enjoys great food, drinks and a fun atmosphere, so it is no wonder the ladies have just as much fun as the men! With hens nights, end of the week work drinks and even just a fun girls night out, everybody can enjoy a great night out with some of the best adult entertainment Melbourne has to offer.