Birthday Party !!

When we turned 5..the big birthday party

Our 5th Birthday Party went off with a bang!  We catered with the tried and true favourites that got us this far – golden breast schnitzels, brazen babes, bouncing boobs and D cupcakes! The babes came in costume as spunky schoolgirls. Those girls who are normally shy about wearing their glasses to work rocked them to top off the birthday party look..and didn’t it!!

Mc Jason ‘Evo’ Evans, dressed to the nines, skewered our guests of honour with his rapier wit. Actually it’s more of a baseball bat wit. Moving on…

Everyone got birthday party cakes crowned with boob sculpture frosting made from breast milk. Big birthday boys adn VIPs boat raced – stripping babes and sculling beers.

Miss Hunter chose a construction motif for her show and came on looking buff to ‘Bob the builder’. She built it up and tore it down. Isabelle Deltore delighted as the pirate queen. Her costume included a skull and crossbones snatch patch..beneath which was the briefest flesh toned g-banger we’d ever seen. Issy played the acrobat at our birthday party. She backflipped and handstood her way into our hearts. It was rowdy, racy and real at our quincentennial birthday party. Is Schnitzel n Tits ever anything else?!

More photos and full report here

5 years of girls games and goodtimes – thanks for a great birthday party!