5 Classic Adult Birthday Party Themes Guaranteed To Entertain!

birthday party themes Hawaiian hula girls schnitz n tits

It’s time for some themed birthday party fun!

Birthday parties … they’re just for kids, right? Pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and fairy bread may not turn you on, but it doesn’t mean that as an adult you can’t ring in yet another year in style. The secret: Putting into action one of our fun and raucous birthday party themes for adults.

Get excited about your adult birthday party theme

As we get older, some of us just can’t be bothered celebrating our birthday with an actual, proper party. Sure, a night out at the pub or a quiet one in with a few (dozen) candles on the cake might be bearable, but an adult birthday party just doesn’t pop your cherry.

Sounds like you need one of our epic birthday party themes for adults! Let’s get stuck into it:

Birthday Theme #1: The Superhero Party

birthday party themes super heros party

What’s something that always gets your heart racing a little faster? A female superhero, of course. Sounds like you need a Superhero birthday party theme.

Got any mega babes heading to your adult birthday party? Why not ask them to squeeze on a Catwoman suit or into a sexy Wonder Woman outfit? And for the fella’s a superhero party finally gives you a valid reason for wearing your undies on the outside!

Birthday Theme #2: The Beach Party

birthday party themes beach babes party

Summer may just be over, but don’t let that get you down and slap on some sunscreen and a beach party birthday theme you’ll never forget.

Nothing screams Australia like a beach, babes in bikinis and a lot of very cold beers. So get out the budgie smugglers, encourage the skimpiest of bikinis for your favourite guests to wear, and think about finding a beach spot that will allow for a bonfire – so you can keep the tunes pumping long into a chillier night.

Birthday Theme #3: The Star Wars Party

birthday party themes slave leia

If you’ve got a 10-year-old nephew or a son, perhaps you’ve attended their Star Wars party and blown a light sabre whistle whilst drinking from a Darth Vader paper cup.

But the Force is also with us bigger boys, so why not throw a Star Wars birthday party for adults.

Stuck for ideas? There are loads of star wars games that can be adapted into adult birthday games with a little forward planning. Encourage your guests to dress up as their favourite characters. You could suggest the babes dress up just the way Jabba likes them the best!

Birthday Theme #4: The Sexy Retro Party

birthday party themes Retro

What started to happen in the Swinging 60s? It was called the Sexual Revolution. Thanks to the pill, porn, premarital sex, and public nudity, things really took off in an awfully sexy way, and it continued well into the 80s.

How to celebrate with a sexy retro adult birthday party theme? Why not grab some bean bags, a record player, disco balls, a karaoke machine, lava lamp, fondue set, and some hot babes dressed up in the sexiest 60s, 70s and 80s party gear … and celebrate in true retro style!

Birthday Theme #5: The Hawaiian Party

birthday party themes Hawaiian boys night

Got a loud Hawaiian shirt? Love the sight of a sexy grass skirt and an itsy bitsy teenie weenie Hawaiian bikini? You’ve already halfway there as you plan your night to remember with a cool Hawaiian birthday party theme.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel to Honolulu – a Hawaiian birthday party theme can be hosted just about anywhere. A pool or spa will really take you to paradise, but a BBQ, a few pineapple pizzas and a coconut or two will also be a great start.

When it comes to birthday’s, we have Melbourne birthday parties for adults all wrapped up. Not in Melbourne? Just be sure to add some babes, boobs, schnitzels, and beers, and it will be a themed adult birthday party to remember. Hip, hip, HOORAY!