Work Christmas Party Ideas and end of year celebrations

Work Christmas Party Ideas and end of year celebrations

Work Christmas Party Ideas Year End Celebrations Bad Santa

Schnitzel n Tits is not only the best place to celebrate Wild Bucks Parties and Rocking Birthday Parties come the end of the year we have the ultimate in Work Christmas party Ideas. For Tradies it would be known as “Tools Down, Tits Out” – Tradie break up but for everyone else it’s just known as a Work Christmas Party or End of Year Event.

Tradie Break Up Xmas Party

Tools Down Tits Out Tradie break up Xmas Party


Generally what’s the best thing about the Work Christmas Party is the fact that the boss is paying! Followed by getting loose with your work colleagues, you may or may not party with them often but an end of year party is a guarantee you’ll get fucked up with with your work mates before the Xmas and New Year break. and why not especially if the boss is paying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Staff Christmas Party and the Boss is paying!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Staff Christmas Party Ideas and end of year celebrations

Got an apprentice for your tradie break up, a trainee in the office or a newby of some sort? Get them up and stage! Maybe with a stripper making him, her bitch or maybe they can compete in some of the games on stage? Each Staff christmas party booking gets to nominate someone to get up and get involved in the show. Probably should not nominate the boss.

Xmas Stripper Work Christmas Party

Like Body shots? the boss may not pay for these but our topless waitresses offer body shots for you to purchase. Put them on the work christmas party tab or pay for them yourself, either way do it a year end celebration would not be complete without one.

Work Christmas Party Ideas with a Difference…

Often some extra little surprises! You may see santa you may even get elves visit from the north pole. There’s nothing like a dwarf or two to help a party go to the next level.

This video really sums it all up our Work Christmas Party Ideas and end of year celebrations can really suit any group no matter their background industry or trade. get intouch with us so we can get you all locked in.