Star Wars Tributes (Memes, Tattoos & More!)

Star Wars Tributes

star wars tributes

Schnitzel Wars present our favourite Star Wars Tributes

As we gear up Schnitzel Wars VI: The Funbags Awaken we present the latest in funny and fantastic star wars fandom. Star Wars is more than a movie franchise. It has become a cultural phenomenon.  Since 2001 more than a million people listed their religion as Jedi Knight on census forms including 70,000 Australians. Have a scroll through our favourite star wars tributes in memes, graphics and gags and some strange facts about the making of the Star Wars movies..

Before we jump in, if you’re lucky enough to be in Melbourne during May, we have the ultimate tribute – A sexy star wars burlesque show you have to see to believe!

Star Wars Memes

  Star Wars Tattoos

Star Wars Tributes -Fun Facts from behind the scenes

Yoda’s face is based on Albert Einstein’s

The communicator used by Liam Neeson’s character in ‘A Phantom Menace’ is a Gillette Sensor Excel razor for women

In Empire Strikes Back we see a view from the bridge of the Millenium Falcon dodging asteroids.  2 of these ‘asteroids’ were a shoe and a potato.  Special effects guys were getting annoyed with Lucas’s constant adjustments to their sequences.

When wearing the famously sexy gold bikini in Jabba’s lair Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) refused to use ‘tit tape’ causing several ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ which had to be edited out (sorry – we couldn’t find them)

Star Wars Sound Effects

R2D2’s beeps and whistles are baby noises manipulated electronically

Chewbacca‘s growls are recordings of bears

The lightsaber noise is made by holding a stripped TV cable next to a movie projector to create feedback

General Grievous bark – recordings of a bad cough George Lucas developed during filming

While filming lightsaber duels in The Phantom Menace both Ewan McGregor and Haydn Christensen couldn’t helping making their own ‘lightsaber noises’ which had to be dubbed out in post production

Hans Solo Evolution

Solo was originally imagined as a green skinned monster with gills and no nose. Then Lucas thought he should be a black man and auditioned Billy Dee Williams amongst others. When he decided Han could be white Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson all tried out for the part before he settled on Harrison Ford.

More Star Wars Strangeness

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French psychiatric researchers presented a serious research paper into Darth Vader’s personality disorder. This prompted criticism from major US academics – not ‘he’s a fictional character’ but ‘you have the diagnosis wrong’!

UK Star Wars fan James Burns, a 45 yr old with 2 kids, built two extensions on his house to contain his Star Wars toy and memorabilia collection. When not collecting he’s administering his website