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 Our Favourite Melbourne Facebook Pages


One of the eerily beautiful shots from Abandoned Melbourne – a  Melbourne Facebook page for people exploring old disused buildings or ‘abandos’.  Not to be confused with Haunted Abandoned Melbourne – new page this year in which people post shots of places they claim to have seen or sensed ghosts. The first pic in the gallery below was taken at the old Larundel asylum in Bundoora. Can you see the ‘ghosts’?
A few pages showcase Melbourne street art (not to mention great graf captured in shots of abandoned buildings above) but Melburn Graffiti is our pick from the Melbourne Facebook community.  Other street art pages can be ‘CBD-centric’ but this one includes great graffiti from outer suburbs and some from Victorian regional centres.
Shit Brick Fences of Melbourne : fantastic concept! Witty commentary on some real eyesores. But in an arty new development they’re using the ‘say something about this post’ section to feed us long instalments of fence inspired fiction, possibly written by the page admin.. Beginning of the end for Melbourne Facebook stalwart SBFOM?
Providing a community service along with entertainment is Melbourne’s Crap Parkers. Next time someone’s selfishness has you grinding your teeth – snap and shame them here!
Not an ongoing Page but an Event that has some Schnitz N Tits staff stoked.. Slide Melbourne plan to build the world’s longest waterslide in a street in East Melbourne on December 6th!
Lost Melbourne is a facebook community page featuring scenes and stuff from our past. They welcome submissions.
We bet Victoria Police love Melbourne Speed Camera and Booze Bus Locations ! Almost as much as councils like Melbourne Facebook group How to get out of paying fines rego fees and tolls. Another new page urges you to Report Ticket Inspectors Live

(Ed: Schnitzel n Tits buy tickets, pays fines and obey road rules. We don’t endorse these pages)

Humans of New York has spawned copycat pages in which everyday people are photographed along with a mini interview or quote. Humans of Melbourne is the most well known in our town but smaller edgy ones like 21CVox are good too.
Late suggestions which begged to be added.. Strangelove (weird gems) AFL related Simpsons Quotes and lighthearted footy page Average AFL Players of the 90s and 00s – this is their ‘about’ tab:
Feel free to message through any players you believe we should include
  • Rules
    1: No current players
    2: No past brownlow medallists (shane woewodin) or all australians
    3: No Players pre 1992
    4: No Players over 200 games (exceptions can be made)

Of course no list of classic Melbourne Facebook pages is complete without Schnitzel n Tits. Girls, sneakers, sport, laughs & free tickets!

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