Feminists go topless #freethenipple


Go Topless – This is the kind of feminism we can get behind!! Chair of Uni feminist society, Icelandic Bóel Sigríður Guðbrandsdóttir (try saying that 5 times quickly), decided to go topless on social media under the hashtag #freethenipple. And boy did it spark controversy!  Icelandic female politician Bjort Olafsdottir was next on the boobie bandwagon, followed by others keen to go topless for a cause like Rihanna and Chrissy Teigan. From there they’ve been joined by countless celebrities ready to add to the discussion, including maybe the most virally explosive star for the movement, Miley Cyrus.
‘Free the Nipple Day’ has been a recurring event held at several Icelandic junior colleges and the University of Iceland (and now globally!) and it’s not just for the girls! “We encourage all women at the school, students and teachers, to go topless… Boys can also cut holes in their shirts and that way show their nipples,” Bóel said.
Bóel was inspired by a 2012 documentary called Free The Nipple, which featured filmmaker Lina Esco running wild and topless running through the streets of New York.
The basic message from the documentary is that since US gun crime is out of control the powers that be should be concerned with censoring on screen violence rather than nudity, as explained here in an article by the chick who made the film (although a word of warning it is a LITTLE long). The viral online drama has added to the continuous worldwide conversation surrounding female censorship and equality, and spurred a host of events across the world – including the infamous ‘SlutWalk’ coined by celebrity ex-stripper Amber Rose, hosted on May in Melbourne.
We applaud these Areolan Activists and agree with their arguments – free and safe boobies are something we’ve always supported! At Schnitzel N’ Tits we’re just about lighthearted fun and the enjoyment and empowerment of women everywhere (as our largely female run HQ and gorgeous female waitresses can prove!). What’s a bit of harmless nudity in the name of good times and equality?
For the same reason we decided to spare you the political manifestos at the bottom of many of these posts. Do a larger than normal proportion of feminists have nipple piercings or do piercings make women want to go topless? You be the judge…

Check out these ladies from around the world going topless for equality..

Girl power!