Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Birthday Party Ideas for Men

The Best Birthday Party Ideas for Men!

Do you or your mate, or even your boyfriend or husband have a birthday coming up? Well check this out because this is one of the best birthday party ideas you can have. It’s perfect for any man and any birthday celebration – a 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or anywhere in between.

Birthday Party Ideas for men

We used to be all about suiting bucks party ideas but now it’s all about accommodating the best birthday party ideas.

If you are looking for a birthday party idea for a man? then look no further. Schnitzel n Tits is a theatre restaurant, dinner and show that has so much to offer you can’t go past it. It has Melbourne’s most beautiful Waitresses serving drinks to your table all night long. It also boasts Melbournes best burlesque and strip tease performers.

20th 30th 40th 50th 20th 30th 40th 50th Birthday Party Ideas MensBirthday Party Ideas

We do have strip shows and topless waitresses but we are not a strip club we are so much more. It’s not about sexy or sleazy it’s more about fun and cheeky. We have an MC that hosts the night, explains how the night works and introduces the birthday party ideas to the room. The MC will make fun of the birthday man maybe his age whether its his 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or anywhere in between.

20th 30th 40th 50th Birthday Party Ideas Men

We have a DJ to keep the night rocking, playing all your favorite tunes. If you know some music to suit your birthday party ideas just let us know, i’m sure the DJ would be happy to oblige. The DJ plays music and sound effects to suit our games up on stage. The birthday boy may get on stage and compete with other vips on the night to win prizes.

20th Birthday Party – for greenhorns

A 20th Birthday Party Idea for a young man is ultra important and a night out at schnitzel n tits will blow his mind. Firstly he will see many things he may not have seen before since he’s only twenty. Him and his friends can learn the value of money and the joy of tipping their waitress.

Dirty Thirty

Birthday party ideas for a 30th can be slim pickings and he may be quite savvy or picky about where he wants to go. Generally all guys love what we have to offer and he and his friends have more than likely been to a Bucks Party by now. Thirty year old males are really the right age to find there way around at schnitzel n Tits.

Life begins at 40!

you wonder why you feel so naughty. (see below)

40th Birthdays are the best! Forty is quite the mile stone and is celebrated by all and is a big occasion. He’s getting to the age where he has seen it all even his female friends are very comfortable with nudity and letting their hair down. This age group tend to really enjoy the strippers and strips show. Our performances are quite burlesque like in nature and this is really fun for a birthday party.

At 50 – that’s half a century old – he should know better. 😉

And then you have the Fifty year olds. Like the twenty year olds this may also blow their minds but unlike the 2oths these guys have seen it all. That’s why this is the perfect birthday party idea for a 50th birthday man. Now he is getting to the age where he can start to accept himself as a creepy old man. ogling all the topless waitresses and strippers.

I think you could see how this makes a fantastic night out for a mans Birthday party!

Blokes birthday party Melbourne Dinner and show

But don’t just assume it’s only men that love it… Stay tuned to how much the ladies love schnitzel n tits!

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