A Christmas Party with a Twist

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Work Christmas Parties

Whether you are a best man who has a groom getting married at the end of the year or wanting to organise a Christmas get together with the boys that is a little more exciting than your average end of year celebration, looking into an adult Christmas party is a different way to really bring in the Christmas cheer. End of year celebrations are always a difficult and chaotic event to organise, which is why leaving it in the hands of Schnitzel N Tits  to give you the ultimate adult Christmas party is the way to go. With a range of packages available that suits any group of mates, you will be able to find the perfect party for your group of mates. Ranging from themed parties, boat cruises and even days of activities like paintballing or go karting, there is something for everybody. Every party though always comes with the essentials; great grub, gorgeous women and plenty of grog to go around. Whether you are planning an adult Christmas party for your sporting club, your mates or even an end of year wedding bucks night, Schnitzel N Tits will be able to take the reigns and the pressure off, so all you have to do is select the right package, turn up on the day and let loose with your mates.

Why Have an Adult Christmas Party?

There is nothing quite like Christmas to kick off the festive season. The weather is warming up, work is winding up and with an especially tough year like this one, an end of year get together is a great way to boost morale and finish off what may have been a tough year for many. Since most workplaces closing down over Christmas, once December rolls around, celebrating the end of the year is always a great way to wind up and come together. If you are in charge of organising an event for your sporting club or even just your group of mates, then consider having an adult Christmas party.  Whether you are a sporting club that is looking to bond a bit more or reward the everybody for their hard work, or just want to organise a get together for everybody to kick off the festive season, then an adult Christmas party is a great solution. There is nothing quite like a good spread of food, plenty of alcohol and gorgeous women to get everybody to relax and loosen up. An Adult Christmas party does not have to be an upmarket or serious affair either; paintballing, bowls or other fun activities and games can always be included, which is a specialty of Schnitzel N Tits. Christmas gatherings can be notoriously hard to organise as it is the busiest time of year for many venues, which is why it is a great idea to leave the planning up to Schnitzel N Tits. We know that any type of event we throw is sure to be a hit, so all you need to do is let us know what you want to do and put together a group that is sure to really appreciate an adult Christmas party so you can start the festive season with a bang.

Ideas and Inspiration for Your Event

If you have decided that an adult Christmas party is the ideal way to kickstart the festive season and celebrate a year of hard work with the boys, then enlisting the help of Schnitzel N Tits to plan your event is the first step to really throwing a stellar party. Other than putting together the right group for an Adult Christmas Party, the only other job you have if you are in charge of organising is to select from the range of packages and activities, we have to offer at Schnitzel N Tits. If you want us to come to your sporting club, then we can arrange everything from topless waitresses to jelly wrestling. We will provide an event manager who will make sure the event runs smoothly, and our waitresses can be in sexy sporting outfits or body paint that matches your club colours. If do not want to have it at your venue, we can organise one along with topless waitresses that will play a range of games, we are also able to organise a strip show, an $1000 bar tab, entry into other clubs in Melbourne and plenty of food for all attendees. An adult Christmas party is sure to be one Christmas party that no one will ever forget, so get in touch with Schnitzel N Tits to arrange your end of year wrap as soon as possible.