Vicky Aisha Blackthorn

Stripper, Showgirl, Performer, contortionist, aerialist, pole dancer and model!
Introducing the sexy, the sensual, the sensational Vicky Aisha.
This quintuple threat has graced Schnitz n Tits and Big Boys Club Bucks Parties in shows past but recently she’s outdoes herself. Expect the unexpected! See the unimaginable! Roaming the crowd, pole dancing on structural poles, rolling around on tables and tipping buckets of water on herself..Vicky Aisha has everyone in attendance screaming and some close to fainting with her hot hot hot antics! We sincerely can’t wait to have her back again!!!

More recently¬†Vicky Aisha has become an online model with a huge following on instagram. Vicky Aisha and her curvlicious body is really paving the way for the “thick” models. This young lady is a huge success with 1.8 million followers when last checked. She loves to pull her panties up at the sides to show of her amazing hams all ready for Christmas. Vicky is also heavily tattooed which makes her very popular with the kids now days. The black and grey designs working with the curvature of her body is really something to behold.

Vicky Aisha is not everyone’s taste but if you are a fan of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian she could definity be your jam. I wonder how many squats she can do or perhaps how much she can squat? With such a powerful caboose i am interested to see what she can do with it?!!!

You gotta check out some of the footage of Vicky Aisha in this video, it is seriously next level!

Well done Vicky Aisha you have really come along way since performing with us we have been following your career closely and are well impressed. We are not only impressed with your bountiful booty we love your professionalism and success in the business.