Creep out! Our sexy Halloween party

 Scary Schnitz N Tits Sexy Halloween Party

Full House Halloween

On an eerie Friday night in the bat infested Schnitz N Tits cave someone cut the lights… bloodcurdling screams, a horrifying video pastiche and the dawning of a huge haunted house backdrop kicked off the sexy Halloween party. The Schnitz N Tits crew loved putting this one together and really pushed the boat out. With a capacity crowd including several birthday and bucks party groups we were in for a rollicking good time!

Sexy halloween party

The Babelicious Barmaids serving in full makeup and hot costume as sexy blood spattered zombie nurses, had a hungry gleam in their eyes. This didn’t seem to deter the boys from Morro’s and Brod’s bucks parties from hooking into the bodyshots. Each time the Babes straddled the delighted boys and dispensed shots with their boobs I kept expecting them to seize the distraction and go for the jugular..

drinks boys halloween

MC Ari was got up in a shabby clownish costume and makeup which looked to be inspired by classic horror comedy Beetlejuice. He certainly ranted at the capacity crowd in true full volume foul mouthed Beetlejuice style.

Creepy Clown

Isabelle Deltore was the first performer of the Sexy Halloween party. As the opening riffs of Nirvana’s ‘teen spirit’ rang out she came on AS a teen spirit. Issy’s sexy cheerleader getup was topped with a realistically gaping head wound courtesy of the makeup wizards from Special FX . With my imagination stirred I saw Issy as the prom queen – killed in a car accident and back from the dead!  She went from pom pom work to prowling the tables like a restless spirit made flesh – rubbing up against the boys from Brod’s bucks in search of warmth.
Issy’s epic performance reached a crescendo to (appropriately) Faith No More’s ‘Epic’. Issy incorporated guests of honour from Raging Panthers, Misfits and the party whose table name is too rude to print into an interactive carwash routine! We cheered, we chanted, she left us dripping. So many moves – Deltore never disappoints!
Isabelle deltore halloween
The next showgirl, Miss Hunter, is the costume queen and Australian showgirl of the Year 2014. For our sexy Halloween party she’d knocked up a Ghostbusters number – so of course the Ghostbusters theme was her opening track. Did the Ghostbusters have sequins on their uniforms? Did the ghostbusters have ghostbuster logo lingerie? Did the ghostbusters have buoyant breasts? I’d rather watch Hunter.
The ghostbuster bra was prematurely detached when she involved partyboy Spangher (table 2) in her act.  Consummate pro Hunter twirled it round her head and carried on with her contribution to our sexy Halloween party. Her final trick saw Buck Leigh remove her panties from inside a flowing black cape before she disappeared in a cloud of smoke!! Special mention to Hunter’s huge black bondage-esque studded stripper heels – moves like she was born in these shoes.

hunter halloween

Felicity Banks was our final treat for the evening. I’ve talked up my favourite performer like a gushing fanboy in previous match reports. Suffice to say that the sultry 6 foot something Amazon didn’t win Miss Nude Australia for nothing. Tonight she took the stage in pigtails as April Addams to The Addams Family theme and had the whole sexy Halloween Party audience clicking along. Banks revealed a scarily sexy studded corset and matching black lingerie in which she prowled the tables like a sexy panther. When she grabbed some VB stubbies and doused herself in the fanale we could see the steam! (disclaimer -some dry ice may have been involved in the clouds of steam). See the highlights of Scary Schnitz N Tits Halloween spectacular below and get a slice of the remaining Scary Schnitz N Tits nights before November sells out

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