Schnitzel Match Report – Jelly Wrestlemania

Just like the real Wrestlemania, Jelly Wrestlemania has been a huge spectacle; every Friday night in Melbourne proving once again, Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world! The opening week saw big numbers coming through the door, as Miss America, put her Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestling Championship, on the line in a tournament. With an un-defeated streak that’s lasted nearly two years, it was no real surprise when she regained her title at the end of the night. Everyone in attendance voiced their approval in what can only be described as a standing ovation!
As the second week rolled through, a bigger crowd came through the doors to witness the shock loss of Miss America, as she went down to the villainous Dirty Sanchez. As Dirty Sanchez headed into the final, she became the obvious favorite to win the now vacant Big Boys Club Jelly Wrestling Championship, however it appeared she blew all her steam in the opening fight as she surprisingly went down to, Alex “The Kid” who became the champion for the first time in her career.
The third week of Jelly Wrestlemania saw the newly crowned champion, Alex “The Kid” come in feeling extremely confident. The opening round was a re-match between Dirty Sanchez and Miss America. Miss America got one back as she progressed to the final against the champion. Just as it happened the previous week, it seemed as if bitter enemies, Miss America and Dirty Sanchez blew out all their steam against each other as Alex “The Kid”, managed to not only retain her title against Miss America but also managed to do it quite convincingly. One must wonder, how epic will the final be?

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