Schnitzel Match Report – Schnitz n Tits Classics

Schnitz n Tits is back! After a bit of a break, we returned to a weekly show at The Portland Hotel, in the heart of the city, every Friday night for the rest of the year! We’ve kick started the season with two very awesome, sold out “Classics” shows.
DSC_0508  DSC_0091

So far we’ve had 6 exciting performances over the two weeks, with some of our favorites returning. Little Minx, Josie and the very sexy Vicky Aisha, just to name a few! All of the sexy performances, which have gone into the audience, have had everyone in attendance screaming, cheering and banging the tables with delight!

With new MC, The D-Train revving up the crowd and the babelicious barmaids doing what they do best, punters have left the two events at the end of the night with smiles from ear to ear. What a great way to get into the spirit of the “Silly Season”!If you’ve missed either of the shows so far, don’t worry as there is still four more shows this year! For the next two weeks it’s Schnitz n Titsmas, so come join the festivtitties for a night you’ll never forget!
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