Schnitzel Match Report – Christmas In July


“Santa” came to town and brought a little bit of Christmas magic with him, the babelicious barmaids spread the joy of Christmas, the performers shared their Christmas spirit but most importantly, the punters came in and helped joined the festivtitties.
Little Minx started the night off with a bang. Her sexy performance had everyone in attendance wanting to pull out their bon bons and pop away. What a great way to start celebrating Christmas In July.
“Santa” then gave the lucky audience another Christmas gift, the sensual, the sexy, the high-flying Vicky. Instead of looking up to the sky and seeing Santa flying overhead in his magical sleigh, the very magical Vicky, gracefully showcasing her skills on the aerial hoop, greeted the punters. The crowd all wanted to stuff their Christmas turkeys at this point.
Everyone was in the mood to sing happy Christmas carols, as everyone felt like little children on Christmas morning being greeted with gift after gift! As always, there was a Schnitz N Tits True Or False Bonanza, this time though, with a more festive theme. It came down to an old fashioned game of Rock, Paper, Scissors on stage as the crowd watched on in suspense.
To round out the night, the Schnitz N Tits audience was treated to not one but two super sexy performances by one of Melbourne’s premiere burlesque performers, the sultry Scarlet. She had the crowd eating Christmas pudding out of her hands. The crowd were jumping and screaming in excitement as if they’d just been given that number one item on their wish list!
By the time Scarlet had finished, the punters were full to the brim, as if they had just finished one epic Christmas lunch. “Santa” came out to thank everyone for coming when all of a sudden; he was interrupted by something coming down from the ceiling. There were bubbles falling from the roof, all over the stage and audience! This truly was a Schnitz N Tits miracle and a perfect way to end the night.