Hot Oktoberfest girls

Wilkommen! Hot Oktoberfest Girls

Let me tell you about these Hot Oktoberfest Girls… I took it as a good sign that I could hear the Oktoberfest opener from 2 floors away. The top floor of Colonial sounded like a Rocking Bucks Night at UEFA world cup, with the roar amplifying as I climbed the stairs. The crowd often add as much to a Schnitzel N Tits event as the show. The full house in attendance on this grand final eve had cleverly used the new public holiday for ‘pre partying’. Our hot Oktoberfest girls who become topless waitresses, loving the vibe, were whipping them into a frenzy!

As Big Boys Club Events go from strength to strength we’re incorporating fresh girls and performers. Tonight we witnessed new MC James’ baptism of fire. With his bushranger beard, rapid fire wit and slim fit suit James, straight from an award winning Fringe festival show, could be said to represent the changing face of Schnitzel N Tits. Our crowd demographic now includes more women and young Fitzroy trendies. We hope mid 20s hipster James is talking your language. He was ably offset by new DJ Ryan – bringing  fresh turntablist energy, scratching and crossfading tracks which had the hot oktoberfest girls shaking Steins and wiggling der wunderbooben!
More new themed games got VIPs onstage with the girls of Oktoberfest.  After 4 lightning rounds of Grab the Weiner young Ben, in his pretty dress, was left in the dust. So too, sadly, big buck Dan – celebrating engagement to his sweetheart since 15 (or as James put it the only sex you’ve ever known).
This left buck Adam and birthday girl Eva to face off in the final. I had some trouble following their complicated competition amidst the deafening cheers and re- emergent soccer chants.  I saw stein sculling, biscuit scoffing, balloon popping and bra removal then Adam raising victorious fists. Adam was awarded merch and tickets to Sexpo 2015. Eva, in her cool tight star wars tee, returned to her seat with a Men’s Gallery lapdance. She took a’ motorboat’ away from her sorrows.
Another newish face at Schnitzel N Tits is the gorgeous Frankie. See last month’s match report for my high opinion of her style..An opinion shared by the judges of Miss Nude Australia 2016. The crowd voted with one voice, also using fists and feet. They hammered on the tables and floor and cheered themselves hoarse for Frankie J Blaze erotic antics!
Jewel had a hard act to follow.. but the glint in her eye said she was up to the task!  She commenced her finale by skipping to the stage in full dirndl. With blond pigtails and wholesome ‘Heidi’ air Jewel was the Hot Oktoberfest Girl personified!  By the time she had lost the Lederhosen we’d seen her climb a big member of Daniel’s bucks like a tree and ride Rocco bareback  onstage.. With nothing but a smile, Rocco’s own belt and her muscular  thighs Jewel subdued this bucking bronco..adding a punishing wedgie to emphasise his submission!

Best On Ground

Eva – Party girl with the purple hair. Great sport and snappy dresser brought many mates for no particular occasion
Ben – The boy in the floral dress. Love seeing youngsters get rowdy & pop their Schnitzel N Tits cherry among hot oktoberfest girls
Reilly –  hardworking event manager and babe wrangler. Still polite after a long night
Stacey – Fearless Schnitzel N Tits photographer. Getting up close and personal to snap mad and magic moments.

What a night! 2 more to go before the Halloween Hotness of Friday Night Frights!