Golden Ticket

golden ticket

                        Willy Wonka’s got nothin’ on us!                                 The Schnitz N Tits Golden Ticket..

We host the creme de la creme of Australia’s showgirls. Case in point our latest lovely, Ms Frankie J Blaze; Miss Nude Australia 2016 and covergirl of this month’s Penthouse!
Once performers answer some pointed questions on stage from our ill mannered MC Evo they have a quick stroll around the room to check for hazards and meet the fans. This is your chance to secure a..(drumroll)..GOLDEN TICKET
A modest donation to the performer of your choice (tax deductible by a clever accountant)  marks you, or the person you nominate, for extra attention during her routine. Choose the type of ‘special time’ from a range of intimate and athletic stunts in the girl’s repertoire OR..just grab a golden ticket at random and let her surprise your victim!
Past golden ticket holders have been: bathed, whipped, set on fire, ridden like a horse, shaved, spongebathed and treated to body on body massages live in the spotlight. If the showgirl thinks you’re strong enough she might leap into your arms or climb you like a tree. On other nights golden ticket holders get straddled on a chair or relieved of items of their own clothing. One bad big boy got an atomic wedgie!
A golden ticket is the perfect birthday or bucks gift. At your work breakup give that shy colleague a starring role that will be laughed about in the lunchroom all year. Our professional photographers will be on hand to preserve your mad moment

(NB Photos are kept/used only with audience member’s consent)

A Golden Ticket guarantees a tale to tell!