Christmas Parties

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Christmas Parties


Argh, Christmas Parties! After a day of shopping centre crowds and putting crap on my credit card I was fed up with the commercialism of Christmas. My end of year work Christmas parties in the past have been more of a chore. This turned out to be a breath of fresh air, with the Schnitzel n Tits crew restoring my faith in the season!

Christmas Parties

We were welcomed in by Santas ‘Li’l Helpers – sexy barmaids in festive red and white. Their flirty banter and mistletoe kisses did as much as the first couple of rounds to lift my spirits. A ‘bodyshot’ from one of these girls – like a combination lapdance and layback – was the best present I got all Christmas! (cheers Trev:).

Christmas Parties Girls

The MC reminded me of Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa – a grumpy Grinch with an irreverent attitude. He called our boss to the stage for some verbal sparring which had him wincing and employees laughing our heads off.


As we tucked into our hearty Chicken Schnitzel dinners audience members battled onstage in themed games involving bar babes wriggling out of their brief costumes, drink sculling and a staff member getting a punchbowl of eggnog tipped over his head! They awarded our boss a Schnitz n Tits hoodie for being a good sport and he slunk to the table with a  red face!

Christmas Parties Games


Once we were well fed and lubricated the floorshow commenced. 2 stunning athletic performers rocked out to rock versions of Christmas carols in themed strip shows. We all chipped in for a ‘golden ticket’ for the new girl in the office which got her one on one attention during the show from a tall tattooed blonde. They both seemed to enjoy it and we got our money’s worth. I believe all the Christmas Parties did!

Christmas parties Performers

The ‘Schnitzel n Titsmas’ party was a Christmas cracker – hope we’re back here next year!

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