Aussie Bikini Girls

Aussie Bikini Girls, the best thing about the Australian Summer!

So we thought we’d put together a gallery of super hot Aussie bikini girls both from both near and far for your viewing. Whether your favourite part of the bikini is the top or bottom; we have made sure we have covered all areas! As hosts of Australia’s best theatre restaurants we know what kind of Topless Barmaids are best to have around the barbeque on a hot summer day.

During the summer in Melbourne (bar the rainy days) the Aussie bikini girls are out in force.  Whether it’s down the beach, swimming in creeks or just sunbathing round the pool, they certainly make a hot summers day even more delightful when you see them strolling around.

In Melbourne you will mostly find Aussie Bikini Girls hanging round St Kilda beach on a hot day, or at Schnitz n Tits Australia Day parties, and which would you prefer? Yeah St Kilda beach is ok to hang out but you’ll just end up getting sand everywhere. Schnitz n Tits is where the parties at. I mean what’s better than a scantily clad babelicious barmaid serving up Schnitzel and beer for you and your table the whole night?

Our babelicous barmaids love our Australia day parties!

Yep that’s right! Aussie bikini girls make the Australian summer. They get to strut around covered in the Australian flag bikini loud and proud without gettin sand in any of the uncomfortable places like they would at the beach!

Sometimes if theres been a bit of trouble in the Schnitz n Tits camp over the new year with a few of the Big Boys Club jelly wrestlers as Aussie Bikini Girls, then we get out the Jelly Pit and let them wrestle it out. It saves all the hand bags at dawn and they kiss and make up in no time at all.

Got your own Australia Day bikini or boardies? Then bring them along to one of our Australia Day events. The more dress up (or dress down in this case) the better! Aussie Bikini Girls keep smiles on our faces January and into February.

aussie bikini girls